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2020 Tax Forms

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Current Paper Forms Available

Unemployment Insurance Tax Information

1099-G Tax Information provided by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

1099-G Tax information – dwd.wi.gov/uiben/1099.htm

Why do I need a 1099-G tax form?

  • Unemployment insurance benefits are taxable income

What information is on a 1099-G tax form?

  • Unemployment benefits paid to you
  • Federal and state income taxes withheld from your benefits
  • Repayments of overpaid benefits

Where do I get my 1099-G tax form?

  • View or print a copy of your current or previous year forms online https://my.unemployment.wisconsin.gov
  • Log on using your username and password, then go to the “Unemployment Services” menu to access your 1099-G tax forms

When can I get my 1099-G tax form?

Who do I ask about how to fill out my Form 1040 or Wisconsin Form 1?


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